Your stay in Holland

Utrecht is a sparkling city.
You can attend a festival or event. Culture lovers find their way in museums, the City-theatre and Vredenburg. Going out in Utrecht is always sociable.

Utrecht is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands,
with a population over 300.000, Utrecht’s central location in the Netherlands makes it an attractive city to live in and a favourite enterprise location.

Utrecht has a rich history that goes back to the beginning of our calendar. The old inner-city, with its canals and cellars by the wharves, ancient churches, and of course the Dom tower, give the city a distinctive character.

Utrecht is a centre of learning.
Utrecht profiles itself as a centre of talent and knowledge. The city is home to many highly educated people. Around 65,000 students are enrolled in higher education in Utrecht. Thanks to the many educational institutes in Utrecht, the population is young and highly-qualified. Utrecht has the highest educated labour force in the Netherlands.

Utrecht is on the move.
Apart from plans to redevelop the area around the Central Station, Utrecht is building the largest housing area in the country (on one of the so-called Vinex locations). More than 30,000 houses will be completed in the district of Leidsche Rijn in the coming years, housing about 73,000 people. Utrecht’s population will increase to about 340,000 in 2020.